Civil Air Patrol

Wing Emblem Design Contest

Calling all members! HQ MOWG wants to see your creative ideas and artistic ability. We are seeking member submissions of Wing emblem design that meets current heraldic guidelines.

Basic requirements are:
-Wing emblem will be a shield
-MISSOURI WING will be displayed in the scroll beneath the shield
-Use Air Force yellow on the border of the shield
-Scroll will incorporate a white field (background), edged in Air Force yellow, with reflex blue lettering
-Use the official Civil Air Patrol colors (whenever possible): Ultramarine blue, pimento red, Air Force yellow and silver gray (see CAPR 900-2)
-Design should be simple and uncluttered with no more than three elements
-Design should be representative of the Wing and its history

For complete details and requirements, please refer to the Civil Air Patrol Heraldry Guide:

Design submissions should be submitted to the following:

Col. Tom Martin, MOWG Commander –
Maj. Joe St. Clair, MOWG Vice Commander –
Maj. Jen Smith, MOWG Chief of Staff for Missions –
Maj. Mike Toedebusch, MOWG Director of Cadet Programs –

Get those creative juices flowing and “Show Me Excellence” in your submissions!

Deadline is 30 June 2019.

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