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“Successful” Missouri Wing 2018 Operations Evaluation

This past May, the Missouri Wing of the Civil Air Patrol underwent a rigorous biennial Operations Evaluation by the U.S. Air Force to observe and evaluate the operational readiness and ability to perform search and rescue, disaster relief, and homeland security missions for the U.S. Air Force.

by MOWG Staff

Unlike evaluations in the past, this year’s OpsEval was integrated into the wing’s participation in the state-wide, multi-agency New Madrid Seismic Zone earthquake exercise.

U.S. Air Force inspectors were specifically evaluating Missouri Wing in the following areas:

  • Use of operational risk management (ORM) to ensure safe operations
  • Ability to provide adequate planning and support for emergency operations
  • Ability to utilize the National Incident Management System in emergency operations
  • Ability to generate sufficient teams and support to:
    • Locate and identify electronic and physical ground targets, and direct appropriate aid
    • Provide information products covering requested areas
    • To move key personnel, equipment and supplies as directed
  • Ability to provide sufficient communications:
    • For command and control of all assets participating in an emergency response
    • To customer organizations as specified in national and/or wing agreements

The OpsEval went well. The inspection team closely watched the wing integrate and work with the Missouri National Guard, the State Emergency Management Agency, and other state agencies as would happen in response to an actual seismic event. The inspectors stated that they wished all OpsEvals were practical events, like this one, instead of the typical weekend exercise.

Only two overall ratings are now given for an OpsEval – either Successful or Unsuccessful. Missouri Wing’s overall rating was “Successful”. However, the inspectors’ report made it clear that the wing had far exceeded the requirements to receive that rating.

Furthermore, individual functional areas are graded on a five-tier system: Outstanding, Highly Successful, Successful, Marginally Successful, and Unsatisfactory. The results of the Functional Areas were:

Functional Area Evaluation
Incident Commander Outstanding
Mission Safety Officer Highly Successful
Operations Section Chief Highly Successful
Air Operations Branch Director Highly Successful
Ground Branch Director Highly Successful
Planning Section Chief Highly Successful
Logistics Section Chief Successful
Communications Unit Leader Highly Successful
Finance/Admin Section Chief Successful
Search and Rescue Successful
Disaster Relief and Homeland Security Highly Successful
Agency Liaison Highly Successful
Aircrews Successful
Ground Teams Successful

“It should be noted that this evaluation was conducted on weekdays and not on a weekend when many more of our members could have participated, making our success even that much more impressive,” said Lt. Col. Steve Aubuchon, Missouri Wing Vice Commander. “This was a team effort. Congratulations to all who participated in or helped prepare for this event.”

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