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New Wing Patch

Hello to all MOWG members!

I am pleased to reveal our new MOWG patch! Congratulations to Major David Risko, St. Louis Composite Squadron 1, NCR-MO-005, for submitting the winning design! While some modifications had to be made to the initial design, the outcome is impressive. The modifications were made at the request of the National Uniform Committee to ensure the new patch conformed to all USAF heraldry standards. Col Martin, Maj Smith, and I had the pleasure of working with the NHQ heraldry expert, Maj Bernard Wilson. He is truly an exceptional and well learned individual that contributed a good amount of time to help us achieve this milestone. Col O’Neill, in his last official act as the chairman of the National Uniform Committee, approved the design. Thank you Col O’Neill for your expedience!

Next week, MOWG will officially notify Vanguard of the change and officially retire the old patch. It is truly an historic occasion as we say good bye to the old “kicking mule”, and welcome in a new wing patch that is more fully representative of our Missouri Wing, Civil Air Patrol, and the United States Air Force. Thanks again to all that participated in this process. Whether you designed, encouraged, voted, or spread the word, your work is greatly appreciated.

Once we contact Vanguard, we will have a better idea on when the new patch will be available for purchase. That date will be sent out to you along with guidelines on phasing out the old wing patch.

Take care and be safe!

Lt Col Joseph M. St. Clair, MOWG/CV


(Originally sent by e-mail on 24 May 2020)

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