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Important communications from MOWG HQ AND NHQ concerning COVID-19

Hello again Missouri Wing members,

So that contest you were intrigued about yesterday, turns out we all get a prize. Effective TODAY the NHQ COVID Remobilization team has approved Missouri to move into PHASE 3!

This is very exciting for the wing and will allow for more training opportunities, but please keep in mind this is NOT return to “ops normal”. I will list the highlights of the plan below but PLEASE READ the ENTIRE PLAN here:


  • The wing will continue to track COVID numbers and communicate with NHQ. Should there be a large rise in numbers there is a possibility we could revert back to 2 – if so it can only be done the entire wing at a time.
  • Our member health is the overall priority – consider what you can do personally to keep others safe: don’t attend meetings if you are exhibiting any symptoms, consider vaccination, avoid large groups where precautionary measures are not taken, wash your hands regularly, continue social distancing when able, disinfecting shared surfaces.
  • Remain vigilant in reinforcing mitigation procedures.


  • High risk members can gradually return to unit (social distancing should continue for these members).
  • More than 50 members can gather.
  • Overnight activities can resume.
    • Bed spacing of 6 feet recommended
    • Hand washing or sanitizing before all meals
    • Review of CDC planning tool for how to mitigate exposure
    • Schedule routine cleaning for communal spaces
  • Mask are not required at all times – but recommended. See Exceptions below


  • Member self-assessment, members exhibiting symptoms listed (not related to other issues)do not attend meetings.
  • Temperature screening recommended – self or at the meeting
  • Social distance as a best practice when possible.
  • Surface cleaning after use in shared areas.
  • Hand sanitizer available
  • Mask are not required at all times, however:
    • Continue wear if recommended in your meeting location/municipality
    • Continue wear if high risk members are present
    • Recommended in crowded areas
    • If you do not require masks and you have a member who wants to continue wearing a face covering they may do so.

Again, I highly recommend reviewing the MOWG Phase 3 plan – it contains a lot of good information, recommendations and answers to your questions.

Phase 3 is an exciting move for Missouri Wing and quite a relief for many! Let’s remember our core value of Respect though this change as not all members may be as comfortable as you with the relaxed restrictions. Let’s keep our members safe as we move into Phase 3 and start returning to more in person activities!

-from Lt Col Jen Smith via e-mail 12 May 2021

For the latest national information concerning Civil Air Patrol and COVID-19 (Coronavirus), please visit the National Headquarters COVID-19 Information Center.

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