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Important communications from MOWG HQ AND NHQ concerning COVID-19

Good evening Commanders and Wing Staff!

I am happy to report that all units in Missouri have been approved for Phase 2 status! Now we just need the weather to cooperate, sigh. BUT thanks to the technology we have all learned over the last year our meetings can continue snow, sleet or hail!

So let’s get our weekly meetings and monthly activities back in action. Great start Saturdays, model rocketry, ground team training, STEM activities, aircrew training, team building – there is so much we can be doing now, even indoors.

I feel that we have rounded the corner – it’s been a rough year, we have lost members and struggle through not being together, but this is the turning point! Let’s start reengaging our members in a safe manner!

Attached is the Phase 2 plan as a refresher of what you can do. Day long activities are permitted but not overnight at this point. If you have any questions you are always welcome to ask!

Major Jen Smith, CAP
Missouri Wing Chief of Staff for Missions
(from email on 14 Feb 21)

Remobilization by Unit 2021-02-14
MOWG COVID19 Remobilization Phase 2 24-Sept Update

For the latest national information concerning Civil Air Patrol and COVID-19 (Coronavirus), please visit the National Headquarters COVID-19 Information Center.

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