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A Look Back at the 2018 Wing Cadet Competition

On Saturday and Sunday, March 17 & 18, at Ft Leonard Wood, teams from the Wentzville and Fort Leonard Wood Composite Squadrons battled for “braggin’ rights” and a spot in the North Central Region Cadet Competition April 13-15 in the Annual Wing Cadet Competition.

by Lt Col Steve Aubuchon and MOWG Staff

The cadet teams were presented with various challenges in drill and ceremony, physical fitness, leadership and aerospace tests, and public speaking. Each wing is allowed to send two teams to the Region competition to be held in April at Camp Ashland, NE, and both of our Wing’s teams will compete to be one of the two teams to represent the North Central Region at National competition.

1st place went to Wentzville Composite Squadron

C/Lt Col Smith, Justin; Team Leader,

C/2d Lt Zachary Bray; Team Member,

C/2d Lt Zane Doering; Team Member,

C/2d Lt Laura Reid; Team Member,

C/2d Lt Lily Reid; Team Member, and

C/CMSgt Reagan Hess; Team Member,

Maj Jen Smith; Senior Escort

2nd place went Fort Leonard Wood Composite Squadron

C/CMSgt Abigail Spurgeon; Team Leader,

C/CMSgt Charles Shelton; Team Member,

C/SMSgt Collin Mitchell; Team Member,

C/MSgt Andrew Hamacher; Team Member,

C/SrA Damien Dodson; Team Member, and

C/SrA Damion Mitchell; Team Member,

C/2d Lt Nelson Colon; Cadet Advisor

C/2d Lt Andrew Jones; Cadet Advisor

Lt Col John Greenwald; Senior Escort

Capt Nelson Colon; Senior Escort

Good luck to our teams! They are going to make the Missouri Wing very proud.

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