Civil Air Patrol
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Publication Date Title OPR
CAPI 0-2, MOWG Supplement 1 20-03-2017 Numerical Indes of Regulations, Manuals and Pamphlets DA
CAPI 0-9, MOWG Supplement 1 03-08-2016 Numerical Index of CAP Forms, Test Material, and Certificates DA
CAPR 173-4, MOWG Supplement 1 25-05-2017 Fund Raising/Donations FM
CAPR 210-1, MOWG Supplement 1 31-05-2016 The CAP Historical Program HO
CAPR 60-1, MOWG Supplement 1 24-09-2014 CAP Flight Management DO
CAPR 62-1, MOWG Supplement 1 10-06-2016 Civil Air Patrol Safety Responsibilities and Procedures SE
CAPR 62-2, MOWG Supplement 1 10-06-2016 Mishap Reporting and Review SE
CAPR 66-1, MOWG Supplement 1 16-05-2017 CAP Aircraft Maintenance Management DO
CAPR 77-1, MOWG Supplement 1 01-07-2016 Operation and Maintenance of CAP Vehicles LGT
MOWG FMP 173-1 01-07-2016 Financial Procedures and Accounting FM
MOWG FMP 173-4 20-06-2016 Wing Travel Policy FM