Civil Air Patrol

2020 Senior Cadre

Encampment Commander – Maj. Jen Smith

Commandant of Cadets – Lt. Col. Mike Toedebusch
Deputy Commander for Support – Major Adam Daubach

Administration Officer – SM James Miller
Finance Officer – Lt. Col. David Sewell
Chaplain – Captain Mark Bradshaw
Logistics Officer – Lt. Col. David Sewell
IT Officer – Lt. Col. David Sewell
Transportation Officer – Currently Vacant
Public Information Officer – Currently Vacant
Chief Health Services Officer – Currently Vacant
Health Services Officer – 2d Lt. Debra Ellies
O Flight Coordinator (Air) – Major Jack Gray
O Flight Coordinator (Ground) – Currently Vacant
Flight Line Marshaller – 2d Lt. Robert Stephens
Safety Officer – Currently Vacant
FLW Liaison Officer – 1 Lt. Michelle Spurgeon
Chief Training Officer – Currently Vacant
Training Officers – Captain Timothy Sizemore, 2d Lt. Jennifer Owens
Chief Dining Facility Officer – 1 Lt. Jade Dicks
Dining Facility Officers – Major Danny Recklein, 1 Lt. Liz Johnson

We are still searching for senior members to fill positions. Interested applicants can message the Deputy Commander for Support at

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