Civil Air Patrol

Cadet Deputy Commander of Support

Cadet Capt Gard originally joined Civil Air Patrol in July 2013, joining the NCR MO-110 squadron in Wentzville Missouri.

In 2014 Cadet Capt Gard attended Missouri Wing Summer Encampment as a basic at Fort Leonard Wood. Two years later in 2016 Cadet Capt Gard attended his second encampment at Fort Leonard Wood as support staff, managing to gain a Commander’s Commendation ribbon as well as Outstanding Sppt Cadet Award for his actions as Cadet Duty, Orientation Flight Coordinator, and partial Cadet PAO.

During this time, Cadet Gard was serving many leadership roles in his own squadron. Serving as Flight Sergeant, Flight Commander, Deputy Commander and Executive Officer leading up to fall 2016. In October 2016, Cadet Capt Gard served as Cadet Commander of his own squadron for a full year, both maintaining and striving for improvement within NCR M0-110. After his term ended in 2017, he was appointed duties of Cadet Leadership officer.

In 2018, Cadet Capt Gard was one of four cadets to be selected in Missouri wing to serve in legislative day for 2018 in United States Capitol.

Cadet Capt Gard’s goals for the 2018 CTG are as follows:

  • Support the Cadet Commander in accomplishing his mission and vision for 2018 CTG.
  • Teach cadet’s organization and strategy through support staff.
  • Provide a constructive and safe environment to allow for cadet development.
  • Ensure that given tasks are performed with effectiveness and excellence by cadets.


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